How do I Boil an Egg?

I’ve read some thesis-like explanations on the science of boiling an egg. It’s all rubbish, if a chicken can lay an egg without a university degree than surely we can drop that egg into some hot water without consulting a professor. Saying that, the boiled egg is a very personal matter and if I can’t dip a toast soldier into a runny yolk than its … Continue reading How do I Boil an Egg?

Blueberry & Chocolate Scones

While helping at Woodlea Bakery in ye olde Scotland, there was plenty of time for experimentation. Every weekend the masses flock in to pick up their weekly stock of bread and a round of scones for morning tea. Some folk are firm believers in the fruit scone while some never stray far from the cheese. Then there’s those adventurous chaps who look for something different … Continue reading Blueberry & Chocolate Scones

A South African Potjie in the Tasmanian Rain

We’re in Tasmania and it’s pouring rain upon the Bay of Fires, the coastline is being savaged by waves and there’s some bloke and his dog waving madly as we get out of the car. I’m wearing only underwear and a rain-jacket (it’s the obvious way to keep your pants dry in this weather), but our waving mate seems indifferent as he strides confidently towards … Continue reading A South African Potjie in the Tasmanian Rain