Scottish Banana Oat Pancakesย 

Imagine if Scotland never found oats. Yes it’s not that dramatic a scenario but there’d be a damn lot less porridge, and I’m with Goldilocks, porridge is a bloody wonder. But there’s only so much porridge and toasted oat muesli one can demolish I’ve tried a different oat approach on the breakfast front with these banana oat pancakes.  Unlike a large American style pancake, a … Continue reading Scottish Banana Oat Pancakesย 

Spaghetti with Sage plus Baby Jesus in Velvet Underwear

โ€‹Hot days clearing blackberry bushes and digging out a vegie patch create a mean appetite. It feels like a great accomplishment to finish a day of work, step back to see your progress and feel your stomach grumble. Followed by the sound of Marcel banging pots in the kitchen and a smell of sizzling sage, it’s easy to get addicted to a life in the … Continue reading Spaghetti with Sage plus Baby Jesus in Velvet Underwear

Salade Nicoise: a French Summer Lunch

I’ve never been very excited by the concept of Nicoise salad; cold eggs and tuna don’t rate very high on my list of happy mealtime combinations.  But when it’s prepared carefully – with free range eggs, veggies from the garden and farmers market, sustainably farmed tuna and by my favourite Brazilian-Swiss-French host mum, then it gets a big old thumbs up. And here’s how she … Continue reading Salade Nicoise: a French Summer Lunch

How do I Boil an Egg?

I’ve read some thesis-like explanations on the science of boiling an egg. It’s all rubbish, if a chicken can lay an egg without a university degree than surely we can drop that egg into some hot water without consulting a professor. Saying that, the boiled egg is a very personal matter and if I can’t dip a toast soldier into a runny yolk than its … Continue reading How do I Boil an Egg?