Kitty Sushi, a guide.

Japan is responsible for many things, giant men stamping around in nappies for one. It has also brought to the world’s attention many a great and industrious food. When rice cultivation in Japan began (a couple of thousand years ago), wrapping fish in vinegary rice protected to meat inside. By burrying the package and digging it up later, the rice could be ditched over the … Continue reading Kitty Sushi, a guide.

Scottish Banana Oat Pancakes 

Imagine if Scotland never found oats. Yes it’s not that dramatic a scenario but there’d be a damn lot less porridge, and I’m with Goldilocks, porridge is a bloody wonder. But there’s only so much porridge and toasted oat muesli one can demolish I’ve tried a different oat approach on the breakfast front with these banana oat pancakes.  Unlike a large American style pancake, a … Continue reading Scottish Banana Oat Pancakes 

Spaghetti with Sage plus Baby Jesus in Velvet Underwear

​Hot days clearing blackberry bushes and digging out a vegie patch create a mean appetite. It feels like a great accomplishment to finish a day of work, step back to see your progress and feel your stomach grumble. Followed by the sound of Marcel banging pots in the kitchen and a smell of sizzling sage, it’s easy to get addicted to a life in the … Continue reading Spaghetti with Sage plus Baby Jesus in Velvet Underwear

Salade Nicoise: a French Summer Lunch

I’ve never been very excited by the concept of Nicoise salad; cold eggs and tuna don’t rate very high on my list of happy mealtime combinations.  But when it’s prepared carefully – with free range eggs, veggies from the garden and farmers market, sustainably farmed tuna and by my favourite Brazilian-Swiss-French host mum, then it gets a big old thumbs up. And here’s how she … Continue reading Salade Nicoise: a French Summer Lunch