Hi all, I’m Genevieve,

When I was tiny, the Dr Seuss book, Come over to My House, was an absolute page-turner; a boy goes on a global adventure, visiting other children’s homes, eating with them, racing on their ostriches and sliding on their pine-needle slides… This is my earliest memory of  an intrigue I developed about the expanse of people that existed beyond the little Adelaide Hills.

It’s an absolute privilege to live in a time and place that allows me to discover the world: its kitchens & markets, its characters and its stories. I’m lucky enough to have opportunities to indulge in exploring all of this (mostly as a stingy backpacker) – and what better way to share it than right here.

When I’m not off gallivanting, I’m creating, drawing and inventing new ways to add to life’s picnic while living with my main man in a wooden tiny house in the Adelaide Hills, Australia.

This blog is about my search for that elusive capacity that food has to bind people together. Whether it’s sharing a meager bowl of rice or an opulent spread, there’s an indefinable quality that food has to gather & comfort us.

So wherever I may be, come over to my house, come over and feast.



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