Ramen in a Jar

Take it on a picnic, take it camping, take it to work, to uni, to school, take it to your dad’s house to avoid more of his special tuna curry. I could go on but I think you get it; you can take it places, it could take you places, places you never dreamed of, maybe even Neverland! 

It can’t take you to Neverland. But it is delicious and just about the most fancy that pot noodles can get – until you try using your chopsticks, that’s when fancy gets all over your trousers and you find a decimated noodle in your shoe when you get home.

It’s as flexible a recipe as you’d like it be, you can remove and add any favourite vegies, proteins, flavours and yoga poses. 

You’ll just need access to boiling water once you’re ready to eat so pack a thermos if you’ll be out and about. I like to keep a small jar of soy sauce mixed with hot chilli sauce, a quarter of a lime and sometimes some toasted sesame seeds separately​ to stir in once it’s cooked.

Please enjoy! Let me know where you take your Jar Ramen and if it takes you to Neverland.

Jar Ramen! Yum yum.


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