Gelato Nightcaps, Italia

There seems to be a direct correlation between red wine intake and the desire for extra scoops of gelato. As a nutritionist I’d like to choose now to remind all of the positive health outcomes of those who follow a Mediterranean diet.

Mum and I both agreed that as our night’s in Italy began to tally up, there seemed to be a rise in the amount of wine being both offered and ordered (mainly because of a language barrier in which the word ‘jug’ and ‘glass’ were consistently confused). It was also brought to our attention that Italian gelato has dangerously addictive qualities and that ice-cream of this superiority and price are rare gems in Australia and that naturally we must take advantage of this country’s surplus.

I will point out here that although Italy has mastered the art of the frozen scoops, the Austrian store ‘Veganista’ is just about snapping up first place in the category of most reoccurring dreams about an ice-cream. Namely their Black Forest gelato (and it’s also vegan which means all those Austrian cows ring their bells for you and wink at you in the moonlight. It also means you can throw red paint on people at McDonalds.). If you happen to be in Vienna do have a little dabble on my behalf.

But back to Italy and my scientific studies where it’s official that ‘red wine increases appetite, appetite increases gelato’, therefore my hypothesis is indeed correct and baci hazelnut gelato is delicious.

This illustration concludes my study, proper Gelato Nightcaps, repeat offenders.



Enjoy those Italian summer nights!



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