Scottish Banana Oat Pancakes 

Imagine if Scotland never found oats. Yes it’s not that dramatic a scenario but there’d be a damn lot less porridge, and I’m with Goldilocks, porridge is a bloody wonder. But there’s only so much porridge and toasted oat muesli one can demolish I’ve tried a different oat approach on the breakfast front with these banana oat pancakes. 

Unlike a large American style pancake, a Scottish pancake is more similar to an Australian pikelet or a South African Flapjack – a small round cake of medium thickness. I love to see those bubbles appear once the batters been poured in, once you do see them then it’s time to flip the little guy over and let his other side brown.

You can either blend whole oats in a blender together with the banana and eggs or you can use oatmeal (already ground), mash the banana and mix by hand or with a beater.

If you’d like a thinner batter then add a drop of milk. Vanilla essence is also a good addition if you’d like to slip in a wee dram.

If you are sensitive to oats (as they can become abusive to some) then replace the oats with buckwheat flour.

The classic Scottish way to top a pancake is either with butter and jam or some sugar and lemon.

I like to get a bit dollopy with some thick yoghurt and chopped up some varying fruits. 

And there you have it, a most excellent alternate use for our Scottish friend, the oat.



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