A Week of Breakfast in Scotland

​As a dedicated breakfast warrior I can safely say that Scotland has moved beyond the trifecta stronghold of oats, lamb and potatoes.

Three cheers for the Scottish nation as a whole, we can now all enjoy mornings of all the good stuff. Three cheers also for unpredictable Scottish weather which likes to spit on you just as you begin to enjoy your avocado and tomato toast in the sun. What ha ha you should’ve stuck with porridge by the fire you silly Australian! Whatever the weathergods are saying, breakfast is the best when it’s a slow moving, tea pouring, newspaper flipping time. Sadly this isn’t always possible but what is important is to match your breakfast with music. I like to imagine all the punk granny’s out there calmly sipping their Earl grey as they crank the volume. So do as granny does; boil the kettle, pop a tea cosy on the pot and scream ‘Aye wee lassie!’ at the morning sun.

While living and helping at Woodlea bakery and free range egg farm in Scotland, breakfast time was rather exciting. Especially after some early morning hours folding baguettes and learning Scottish poems from Jock the Baker. The smell from the bakery is enough to make hungriness an emotion. So let the breakfast experimentation begin!

Monday: Poached eggs and sourdough 

Cafe culture is getting bigger in Scotland, especially in Edinburgh and poached eggs with avocado on toast is a cafe classic. It’s also easy to whip up on a slow Monday morning (the beggining of the weekend for the bakery).

Two free range eggs from the chicken hut, poached.

Toasted woodlea sourdough 

Garlic, tomatoes and basil sauteed in a pan

Mashed avocado with lemon, salt & pepper

Hot Scottish Porridge 

Ah the old Scottish faithful. Especially for cold mornings, a Scottish regular at the café I work at back in Adelaide swears by his unwavering breakfast bowl of porridge every morning for his lack of all health issues and likes to hail it as a cure all. So yes it’s better than drugs.

On Tuesday I chose to top it with banana slices, toasted almonds, a honey drizzle and cinnamon.

And for a nutty and chewier texture try pinhead oats to make porridge. With a whole grain, you can soak it first overnight or just cook longer to reach a porridgy consistency.

Wednesday: Boiled Eggs with 100% rye bread plus a dash of Tabasco.

I just love cracking a good egg head. I’ve finally found the method to get the perfect runny yoke…and here it is.

Thursday: Badgers ‘chicken feed’ muesli 

Mr Badger likes making muesli, eating muesli and dancing the cha cha to Scottish banjo music. He would also like to give you his recipe for this particular muesli mix which you can find here.

Friday: Good old toast & jam

A bakery is never short on bread and the town of Dundee is never short on marmalade. But the message is short, simple but absolutely bloody effective.

Oatbran and banana pancakes

Scottish pancakes are similar to Australia’s pikelets – little round guys that bubble as you cook them. Lemon and sugar has been a long term favourite in my family and is popular over in Scotland too it appears. 

These little babies on this particularly blustery Scottish morning got covered in homemade strawberry jam, yoghurt and blueberries.

A recipe of of these oat and banana pancakes can be found here.

Scottish Cream Tea


Jam and cream

Pot of tea

Punk Granny beats.

Also a must do after long walks in the rain. Tea houses rule.

For a recipe for these blueberry & chocolate scones look here.

Oh no breakfast is finished… but tomorrow the sun rises again and kettle whistles hot tunes.


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