Vegemite: a how-to guide

As an Australian overseas, I cop a lot of suspicious looks when the infamous black spread gets a mention. Especially if there’s some left over on my face from breakfast. 

In the last couple of weeks over received not one but two jars of Vegemite. One in a care package from Aus and one from our Scottish bakery family on our last weekend visit to them.

The ultimate in Australian care package.

After the smell has put off most others in a 500 metre radius, the minority left who actually want to give it a taste (shout out to Erinn from California 😉) have had some trouble knowing exactly how to go about eating the stuff.

So to answer some queries, here’s a little guide.

The classic is on a nice piece of toasted bread with butter and a thinly applied layer of the mighty Veg. 

While the school lunch classic (thanks Dad) is a Vegemite and cheese sandwich. 

 Good luck!


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