Naughty Maids at a Château in France

​In the Loire Valley, a Château stands ever so grandly awaiting the arrival of traveling guests looking for serenity, peace and a luxurious four course dinner. 

So I guess somebody has to clean their toilets, vacuum up their dirt and wash the grime of the dinner plates. And that’s where we come in, keen and willing helpxers. 

In exchange for being housemaids for four hours a day we receive: a room (equipped with beds, table, fridge, kettle, shelves, sink and our very own bidet), food for breakfast and lunch plus a meal in the Château kitchen each night with the family, free use of the pool (when there are no guests elegantly bathing or sun baking), an insight into the underground world of the running of a French Château and playtime with our favourite bandit dog, Roger.

The bathrooms in some of these rooms are bigger than our house back home and the bathtubs scream decadence!  ….until you find the drain is blocked with hair and it’s your job to pull it out – or failing that, create a discrete and attractive hairstyle.

Once it’s dark, the Château is lit up and looks like it’s jumped out of a medieval fairytale, the wine cellar is cool and musty and the stairs to our room creak under the weight of countless years of footsteps.

In the 1400s it stood much bigger than it is now but after being ravaged by fire it was rebuilt in the 1800s and is now a little smaller and surely haunted – especially the family room on the top floor, have fun kids!

The surrounding estate is all green grass and forests. Red squirrels, young deer, frogs and birds all bound around like somebody is paying them and the stream is full of fat carp. 

The family of four running the show work tirelessly through summer with all eight rooms booked out for the entire season! A week helping them has flown by and I can now make a toilet sparkle like a unicorn while my grasp of the French language remains a true disaster.

Vocab for the day:

Le Renard = fox


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