How to: Breakfast in France

Well after a week in Belgium where the Flemish language blew our socks off and all we could order was beer and waffles (what a shame…), we’re now in France and we better get speaking!

We’re helping out at a chateaux/BnB in the Loire Valley for a week or two and so far if I see a guest I just yell ‘Bonsoir!’ and run. Two years of high school French was not enough it seems but as usual I seem to have a knack for remembering food words…

Before I left, mum tested me with a few basic phrases, e.g. how to ask a policeman where the train station is. “Excusez-moi Monsieur jambon, ou est le Gare?” If anyone knows French then you’ll realise I have just asked “Mr. Ham” where the train station is. A most excellent way to make sure you miss your train and learn some expletives from a French policeman. 

At least at breakfast time I can use some Vocab without offending anyone (unless Mr. Ham joins us). 

It’s a pretty fantastic spread they put on for the guests here at the chateaux and very traditionally French including cold meats and cheese, a bread basket with a mixture of sliced bread, baguette, croissants and pain au chocolate, jams, Nutella, cereals, fruit, boiled and scrambled eggs, coffee, tea, hot chocolate.

And you should see the four course dinners the young chef cranks out! Thank goodness for leftovers. 

So here is an illustrated guide to a full breakfast spread in France.

Bon appetit!


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