How do I Boil an Egg?

I’ve read some thesis-like explanations on the science of boiling an egg. It’s all rubbish, if a chicken can lay an egg without a university degree than surely we can drop that egg into some hot water without consulting a professor.

Saying that, the boiled egg is a very personal matter and if I can’t dip a toast soldier into a runny yolk than its likely I may cry.

So here are some instructions made as simple as possible to boil an egg with your desired yolk consistency – for a cracking breakfast or an easy snack in a shell to chuck in your day pack. 

Top tips:

Choose free-range eggs, the chicken gods will thank you.

Do not crack open boiled eggs on a crowded bus, no one will thank you.

If someone else is generous enough to cook you a boiled egg breakfast, say thank-you (unless the yolk is too hard to dip your soldiers then all generosity is void).


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