Martha’s Parlour, Edinburgh

The best creatures are those that play live music. We were lucky enough to be taken to Leith on the outskirts of Edinburgh after an evening of bouldering to witness the greatest thing that’s happened to banjos since the Man from Snowy River (Banjo Patterson you bloody legend).

Martha’s Parlour, a female duo derived from the Scottish band Blue Flint sing harmonious melodies in beautiful Scottish accents every second Wednesday at Woodland Creatures Bar & Kitchen. Each with a banjo in hand they are an exceptional accompaniment to one of the kitchens burgers and hand cut wedges.

Maybe it was the name of the bar but I couldn’t help imagining the duo playing in a forest for a crowd of dancing animals…maybe it was the way they sang and played but the more I watched, the more my imagination ran…

So here they are in my mind’s eye, playing for all the woodland creatures to enjoy…

Its also worth mentioning that the burgers here are exceptional. They’re made the wholesom way, with quality ingredients, veggie and vegan options and they’re just big enough to cause jaw-cracking facial distortions you can treasure.


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