Kitty Sushi, a guide.

Japan is responsible for many things, giant men stamping around in nappies for one. It has also brought to the world’s attention many a great and industrious food. When rice cultivation in Japan began (a couple of thousand years ago), wrapping fish in vinegary rice protected to meat inside. By burrying the package and digging it up later, the rice could be ditched over the … Continue reading Kitty Sushi, a guide.

Gelato Nightcaps, Italia

There seems to be a direct correlation between red wine intake and the desire for extra scoops of gelato. As a nutritionist I’d like to choose now to remind all of the positive health outcomes of those who follow a Mediterranean diet. Mum and I both agreed that as our night’s in Italy began to tally up, there seemed to be a rise in the … Continue reading Gelato Nightcaps, Italia

The Austrian Storybook Town of Hallstatt

It’s a storybook alpine village that demands to be painted. The trick is to cancel out the ferry loads of grinning visitors and their wildly flailing selfie-sticks So ultimate is this destination to some that an exact replica has been built in China (for a sneaky little USD$940 million). Unfortunately someone made a small mistake and installed a London style red phone booth, just about … Continue reading The Austrian Storybook Town of Hallstatt

An Alpine Birthday Celebration

    My mother arrived in Europe in time for my birthday. Three days in and she’d already filled the photo memory on her phone twice, laughed at every sign that said ‘einfahrt’ (and in particular at a ticket that said ‘uberfahrt’) and made up German sounding words to use in every possible situation e.g. lets-zen go-zen for a coffee-zen. You’ll be thrilled to know … Continue reading An Alpine Birthday Celebration

Scottish Banana Oat Pancakes 

Imagine if Scotland never found oats. Yes it’s not that dramatic a scenario but there’d be a damn lot less porridge, and I’m with Goldilocks, porridge is a bloody wonder. But there’s only so much porridge and toasted oat muesli one can demolish I’ve tried a different oat approach on the breakfast front with these banana oat pancakes.  Unlike a large American style pancake, a … Continue reading Scottish Banana Oat Pancakes